Brand Identity / FMCG


To Men, With Charcoal

Disclaimer: This work was a pitch, one on which we worked a lot and are proud of.

Oxy, a men’s face wash brand by Japan’s Rhoto Pharmaceutical Company, needed a new packaging design for its then upcoming launch of charcoal based men’s face wash. The only brief was that the tubes for this product were black in color.

We researched on the right shades for men’s face wash packaging that would catch the eye, while in a supermarket full of other similar products.

We came up with some very chic designs with global appeal; which were adapted for each of the variants (to be launched). The designs were worked upon with utmost attention to details, to fit in the description, purpose and benefit of each of the products. And although there was a lot of relevant information to go onto the packaging, we kept the look of the product very simple and appealing for a first time browser in a supermarket.

The product specialty was amply highlighted to bring forth conviction as well as interest towards the new launch.