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CII India @75 Campaign

Event Promotional Video

CII’s India@75 initiative was conceived to chart out a roadmap and set goals towards 2022, when India would turn 75. CII engaged us to develop a campaign that would have a nation-wide reach, engagement and involvement – to create awareness around the India@75 initiative, coinciding with the Independence Day 15th August 2018.

We planned the campaign that would cut across all strata of society – it was initiated with series of India-Then Vs India-Now stats+visual b/w-goes-colored videos to highlight how far we have come. We also urged Top Indian Twitter Influencers like Suhel Seth, Swami Ramdev to tweet about the campaign, and with inputs in the theme video from Javed Akhtar, Amitabh Bachchan, Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik it was well-positioned. With prizes to be won, a contest was also run for participants from all walks of society to share their aspiration for India@75. The contest received great response – there were numerous video & text responses. Republic TV (with Arnab leading the debate) organised an event around the theme with CII management, which was later televised and tweeted about.

The campaign garnered 1.8 Million reach, which was mostly organic. 91% of this reach came fromTwitter. About 1000+ participated in the contest.

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