Health is a subject very close to our heart. And, everybody’s heart.

Branding in Health industry is more about care and empathy. End users in Health and Pharma have a strong need of trusting the brand.

At ICU, we help our clients in the health industry to engage with their customers through well researched and best-intentioned branding, digital and social communications.

Branding strategy

To develop a Brand image in health is to extend care and establish unshakable trust. It is a multi-level engagement and is borne out of experiential healthcare delivery. We help you to make that connect.

Healthcare professional marketing

Each health care professional is a treasure of hope & wellness. We make a personal brand out of this great mission we share with each one of them.

Patient engagement strategy

Getting your consumers to stay associated with you even when they do not need your services, is an art. One, that we keep honing, to help you win.

Medical communications

Medicine and health are subjects, as serious as, they are technical. Our endeavor is to make them more engaging and comprehendible.

Digital marketing

Your digital presence is a mandate. It is a harbinger of growth.
it is the only way to expand your reach beyond your city, country, or region. We take your brand to places where gets appreciated.


Several thousands of people are searching for health, online, in various ways. What’s crucial is, their search leads them to you. This is what we tasked ourselves with.

Social engagement

Social Media is the first place people look for you when they want to visit you or when they have already visited you. It is ideal (and, easier) to catch their loyalties right there – and, they won’t forget you.