What Doesn’t Make Rivals Makes You Brothers!

blog_03_image_v02BY RUCHI AHUJA  /  CORPORATE BRANDINGBajaj Avenger hasn’t been your regular advertiser, lately. Not for their godly ‘greatness’, read, Feel Like God (F.L.G.) campaigns. But because they have been high on corporate chivalry at the time where other brands invest in staying on top of rivalry. It’s bold! It’s now. If you haven’t seen Avenger’s brotherhood commercial marking 11th September, I suggest you watch it here.

So, what’s the deal about putting so much clout on your competition in a video you spent a fortune to make?

The low hanging fruits, the most obvious gains are the SM shares, likes, and appreciation from friends, foes and everyone in the middle – all at once! Astonishingly, the pluses outweigh the plausible crosses.

Q – If I follow this strategy – God forbid, won’t I be driving away the traffic/attention to my competitor?

Uh, maybe!
But then your TG ain’t dumb to not know about your competitor(s), right?
Given the ‘Aur Dikhao’ times we live in, these guys are versed with the offering everywhere else. Ought to. And yet right now, they are here with you – so, let’s win them over.

Check out what this exercise can do to your content –

Adds Versatility, for you aren’t just harping about what you got.

Makes you respect-worthy (read, trustworthy), you acknowledge the competition, this fearlessness begets rewards.

Creates fresh avenues – When you’re open, you create a space for any kind of engagement!
Important note for start-ups, here: What if, your competitor pivots or you happen to acquire it or maybe, vice versa.
The cue: A little friendship goes a long way.

Equalizing adds to you – As is in this case, Royal Enfield is more revered as a brand in the cruiser bikes segment; as an equal, you get positioned right there… get it? You just got to be smart to draw parallels with the ‘right’ name.

Did I forget to mention goodwill in the first place? Let’s also put it there, and call it Brand Image.

Makes me wonder what if Pepsi and Coke get into a space like this. Claws! It’s unimaginable. Generally, will such an exercise be a good idea for FMCGs, where loyalty doesn’t have to beat a price tag? Not sure. Apple Vs Samsung sounds better to me, interesting by all means(wink!)

With inclusiveness and brotherhood, it’s getting pretty warm here. Such unconventional acts only go on to corroborate that there is enough space for everybody and a little love.

Disruptive anybody?

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