About Intensive Communication Unit

Intensive Communication Unit is the creative unit for strategy and design of communication, for today’s brands. Big or Small. Digital and Social.

We create branding communications to capture instant attention and intensify engagement through Visuals, Videos, Graphics and Branded Content.



Pankaj Bajaj Creative Director

A DU graduate in (Advertising), Pankaj has worn many creative hats throughout his career – an animator, a film producer, a graphic designer, as well as a creative lead for various accounts. He refuses to see the world in black & white, and goes by the motto ‘Every design must have a function’. He has been equally dextrous in delivering VFX for Hollywood movies like ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and working on digital media or designing a logo.

Banking on his fine sense of aesthetics, he intends to pursue Product Design, in his other life.


Ruchi Ahuja Communication Strategist

As a person committed to words, Ruchi weighs all the communications like any QC tool. She has worked as a software developer in her past life (the way she terms it) and comes with a keen grasp on Health sector, having worked with a healthcare startup.

She doubles up as a copywriter, editor, social media strategist as well as a content planner.

She is a wannabe window cleaner and follows Philosophy.


Ambika Ganapathy Film Maker

A cool bangalore gal, Ambika comes with composure of an unmovable banyan tree, and the guts of a pirate! She adopted filmmaking early on and has worked for few of the biggest brands in the country as well as some of the most interesting movies ( in all the formats they come in) – feature films, TVCs, documentaries as well as corporate movies.

In her spare time she is outdoors – driving or riding a bike and gorging on local foods.


Vivek Beriwal Research Analyst

A grounded researcher, Vivek has a penchant for the quiet. He broods in the silence of his mind and draws forth energies that tell you how things work or should work.

He is particularly crafty with automotive industry because of his close association with it. His analysis are a great groundwork for running campaigns that drive results.

Vivek maintains that he is a writer and nobody can question that, either.


Kalyan Mukherjee Advisor

Kalyan can dish out precise details of any location, sitting right at the office of KAS Movie Makers, a company that he established in 1988. Ever since his meticulous work ethics have earned him high regards, the world over. He has worked with the biggest international directors and production houses, made epoch-making documentaries and produced several award-winning movies. Formerly, Kalyan has been a journalist and an editor to the country’s biggest brands and is also one of the most revered Bengali writers of the country. Culture, business or current affairs – his passion never stops oozing! And, if you are anything to do with Africa, he is already sold!